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Rhino Plumbers

We used UniTwist to install water meters to a block of flats in Durban. What should have been a two week job took us only 5 days!

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Rhino Plumbers

UniTwist making our lives simpler once again. Our Nottingham road project has a gas geyser, gravity geyser and solar geyser interlinked with the only source of water being 2 Jojo tanks filled with rain water. All this hot and cold plumbing made easy with Unitwist.

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Unitwist attends higher education
World Skills Convention

South Africas department of educations hosts a convention for students to learn various skills.

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Urhwebo Civils

Unitwist being used on roughly 30 units plumbed with Unitwist for toilet, bath and basin. So easy to use.

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George Tourism Info

No more stolen pipes and water wastage! Quick easy change over from copper to no scrap valued Unitwist.

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Christo Van der Westhuizen
Normans Hardware (JHB)

Our plumbers love the Unitwist system!! Compatible, cheap and durable.

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Oom Miles
Miles Verwe Oudtshoorn

Supporting UniTwist from the day it hit the market.


We are a proud supporter and stockist of Unitwist.

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Sheldon Dodds
Plumbgreen (George)

Used and enjoyed Unitwist! Great product for outside and in the roof.

Darren Swales

We have been supplying Unitwist into developments for past 5 years or so. The areas range from Pongola to Durban. Our contractors trust the system and find it very time saving.

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Reen Plumbers

We're using UniTwist in locations for school basin installations.

Plumber Interaction
Live Demo on site

A plumber in Johannesburg putting a UniTwist harness together after damaging the pipe with a hax-saw and water pump pliers. The system shows perfect handling of pressures exceeding 35 bars using a Rothernberger pressure tester.

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Chris Govender

Excellent product!! After seeing a terrible installation job done at my friends house I suggested we re do the whole installation with a product I had recently seen a demonstration of. Please see the end result done by a sales man and his friend.

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From using Poly cop and brass fittings to Unitwist I found the instillations to be faster and limit room for error when not being at the factory to watch my maintenance guy fix burst pipes or installing new staff ablutions.

Empangeni Plumbers

I use Unitwist for maintenance repairs as well as full house plumbing- outside, underground and in the roof where I need a reliable and cost efficient plumbing solution. Can highly recommend this system to all!

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I'm not a plumber, but I used Unitwist to plumb my shower, toilet and kitchen. No leaks and no problems.

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Senzo Dlamini

Inhle kakhulu! Yonga imali neskhathi. Izame ukuyisebenzisa.

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Johan Hartman

What a product, can’t believe this product did not see the light earlier. I have been using Unitwist for the past 4 years and it has added so much value to my life. Easy to use, reliable, practical and most importantly it WORKS. Thanks Unitwist!!

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International Campaign
Rural toilet installations

We are using Unitwist as the cheapest SABS plumbing solution to help install public toilets into rural areas. It is a pleasure using Unitwist.

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I used Unitwist pipe from the mains and installed an outside tap. All i needed was a pipe cutter, so simple!!

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Richard Lacon
Titch Plumbing

I use Unitwist outside mostly because of the theft issue with using copper. It's quick to install and also reliable!

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simply bathrooms

Quick and easy! Better than struggling with tools!

Ian Pigott

Unitwist is the future of today.Quality- SABS. Saved me time and money when plumbing my fathers house. Theives will steal copper and brass. Unitwist will last decades and cost you substantially less! Change to unitwist now! What are you waiting for?

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Mark Wynn
Copper Tubing Africa

Copper Tube Africa has been supplying Unitwist and Proclose into the market for 2 years. This system is a fantastic alternative to the copper and brass system.

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Josh Lousteau

I replaced all my home garden taps and burst polycop pipe with Unitwist. Perfect product for home owners.

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Brian Daniel
AC Plumbing

So cheap. So easy. Amazing product. Highly recommend to all plumbers.

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Simply Bathrooms

We're a Bothas Hill situated plumbing supply store who has been selling UniTwist and Proclose for over 3 years now. Our customers love the system and find it to be very reliable to work with.

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Ian Smit
Maksian Construction

Best product ever!! Effortless and affordable. Low maintenance. Done over 4000 units so far with out hassle. Great after sales service.

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Matheo Construction

Currently we are working on the biggest low cost housing development in KZN alongside a handful of other construction companies. The Cornubia development is specified with the Unitwist and proclose systems. This made our 308 house plumbing work extremely efficient with very little need to over-see plumbers.

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Alert Plumbing

Unitwist is being used extensively in a large low cost development in Germiston (JHB) which are now becoming flats due to the growing need of houses. Roughly 500 fittings of Unitwist are being used per house.

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Sharp Plumbers- Hillcrest

We used UniTwist in a factory in New Germany, not even a single leak and it saved us plenty of time!

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Mike Randall Plumbers

Vaughn from Mike Randall Plumbers Talking about UniTwist


Zuma Installing a Proclose Tap
South Africa's President

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