The Amazing UNITWIST - Push Fit with a Twist

About our Pipes:

UniTwist Monogold PP-R Pipe is Specially Designed for UniTwist Fittings and the Transportation of Water and other fluids. PP-R is wholly Resistant to Corrosion and Encrustation Build Up, and comes with a 25 year Guarantee.


The PP-R Material used complies with SANS 15874 specification, this is the Best Quality material used by Most of the World to manufacture pipes for the transportation of most liquids. UniTwist piping has UV stabiliser impregnated into the material. This Retards the Degradation process of the material should it be exposed to Direct Sunlight / Ultra Violet Rays, It is recommended that all Plastic pipes (Not Just Ours) be either lagged or painted if it is installed in direct sunlight. This material does not corrode if it comes into contact with lime or cement. UniTwist PP-R pipe has a High Chemical Resistance to allow for Maximum Resistance to impact and traction at both high and low temperatures. It has Practically no Thermal Conductivity which Substantially Reduces Heat Loss in the transportation of liquids, meaning Better Energy Saving compared to other pipes.

Electrical conductivity is virtually nil, therefore offering a significant advantage with regards to product lifespan. There is no load loss due to friction thanks to the polished finish of the internal surface. It resists Galvanic, Chemical, Bacterial and Atmospherical Corrosion and can transport water and other liquids with PH levels ranging from 1 to 14. The polished internal surface of the pipe coupled with the non-adhesive properties of the raw material does not allow for incrustations to develop. There is Very Little Resale Value for PP-R, thereby Drastically Reducing the Incentive for Theft.


  • Pipe dimensions according to SANS 15874/2 PP-R pressure pipes
  • Sizes: 15mm, 16mm, 20mm and 22mm
  • Available in: 6m straight lengths - 10m to 100m rolls


  • Almost No Street Scrap Value
  • Long Life Span
  • Excellent Value for Money
  • Made in South Africa
  • Perfect internal surface
  • PP-R Does Not Corrode
  • Excellent Heat Retention
  • Very high Resistance to Condensation
  • Quiet Transfer of Liquids in the System
  • Ideal for Hot and Cold Water Installations
  • Superb expansion and contraction rates
  • Highly Resistant to Chemical &Atmospherical Corrosion

About Our Fittings:

UniTwist Push-Fit Compression Fittings Have Four Main Benefits:

  1. 1. Push-Fit & Compression combined into one.
  2. Ease of Use, no matter what the condition.
  3. No scrap value (no theft) Saving Water.
  4. Affordable, Saving Time and Money.


  1. Body is made of PP-R
  2. Grip ring is made of 304 stainless steel Impregnated with High Heat Nylon
  3. Nuts are made of Cross-Linked PP glass filled
  4. O-ring is made from EPDM Rubber

​How It All Came About:

In 2005, Cliquot Manufacturing set a mandate to design and commercialise the most affordable fitting in the market place. The requirements were ease of use for both installation and removal without requiring specific tools.

After 5 years in R&D, the proudly South African UniTwist was born and patented. Now South Africans and the world benefit from a push-fit compression fitting and pipe system that is available at extremely competitive prices. It is easy to use, has a double sealing action that works under any conditions, and has no scrap value. UniTwist conforms to SANS 15874 standards, holds SABS certification, and a variety of other certificates. The system carries the industries standard guarantees.

Please remember it is the user's responsibility to ascertain the suitability of any product for the desired purpose. We recommend that reference be made to our Technical Department if clarification is required.

In addition to general information on Unitwist, this website enables you to find out Where to Buy UniTwist as well as upload a satisfied customer Testimonial.