Do You need Special Tools to Use Unitwist? NO
UniTwist fittings can be assembled using just your hands, obviously you need a Hacksaw or pipe cutter to cut the pipe, but just push the fitting onto the pipe and hand tighten and it will work fine, if the pipe is damaged or not round simply tighten the Nut and the drip will stop for sure, 100%. This is our WOW factor compared to our competitors, No Tools and Combination Push-Fit and Compression action, basically a Double sealing action.

Can UniTwist be Re-Used? YES
UniTwist Fittings are fully re-usable, simply remove the nut, pull the pipe out, remove the O-Ring/Power Spacer and Grip Ring from the pipe, reasemble them the same way you removed them and there you are, ready to use again.

Will UniTwist Work on Damaged Pipe? YES. In Mud? YES. On Pipe that has not been De-Burred? YES. On Pipe that is very Dirty? YES
.Another one of UniTwist's WOW Factors was created by using Expert Plumbers to help design UniTwist. We set ourseves what sounds like an Impossible Mandate and that was:Should the Installation enviroment be terrible like in Mud, if the Pipe is Damaged even badly Damaged, if the User is Inexperienced, and the pipe is not cut straight, or the pipe has been badly treated as bad as being driven over and is egg shaped or worse, say the fitting is not tightened at all, So you can see the thinking Whatever the situation you can think of we said UniTwist MUST & WILL WORK. And what we ended up with is a Fitting that If you just push the fitting on and forget to tighten it then it acts like a Push-Fit fitting and works perfectly, and If the pipe is damaged in the most terrible way all you have to do is round the end so it goes into the fitting and then tighten the Nut and it will seal, PERFECTION. The Patented Compression action of the O-Ring compressing onto the pipe when the Nut is Tightened seals no matter what, UniTwist Really is The perfect solution Push-Fit Compression.As we say (Push-Fit with a Twist) Due to the Double sealing Action. 

Are UniTwist products Patented? YES
UniTwist Fittings are Internationally Patented by ENS on our Behalf under Patent Number: 2010/04923.

What pressure and Temperature can Unitwist withstand?
UniTwist Pipe and Fittings in extreme situations can withstand Pressures in excess of 50Bar and Temperature in excess of 96 Degrees, We Present our Products to our clients on a daily basis, live testing useing a Rothenburger Pressure tester, these tests are done only using our hand no tools. And What we do is Assemble Fittings on Pipe and then live test to 45Bar pressure the maximum Pressure machine goes up to. To-date we have never had a leak, and welcome all types of tests that is how confident we are. We have tested to 77Bar before and the pipe burst this was at a company called CTA they had a powerful Pressure Tester and the pipe burst but the fittings held no problem. This is South Africa's Standard Certification it is for (Hot and Cold Water) Called SANS 15874-5. This test is done at 96 Degrees for x1000 Hours @13.1Bar and we passed no problem, along with allot of other tests, the test now takes 1 year in total. This test is designed to ensure the pipe and fittngs will last at least 50 years.

Can UniTwist fittings be used with other Pipes? YES
UniTwist Imperial Fittings can be used with any pipes with an outside diameter of 15mm or 22mm like Copper Pipe, Multi-Layered Pipe, PP, HDPE Pipe, CPVC and so on.UniTwist Metric Fittings can be used with any pipes with an outside diameter of 16mm or 20mm like Copper Pipe, Multi-Layered Pipe, PP, HDPE Pipe, CPVC and so on. Please remember our Certificate and Guarantee is valid only if you use our pipe and fittings together being the System.

What Colours are UniTwist fittings & Pipe Available In?
We can produce UniTwist fittings & Pipe in any colour you like, obviously it depends on our Distributers and the Quantity required. Should you require a specific colour feel free to ask on this WebSite or ask your Representative who sees you.

Why do you promote UniTwist with ProClose?
The products compliment each other, they are marketed side by side, as together they create a complete solution. Please Remember ProClose was Designed by us and is Manufactured and Distributed in South Africa by UniTwist's Sister Company 

How are the UniTwist and ProClose products priced? 
UniTwist and ProClose were designed with Price in mind and our products are the most competitive we know of, Afew more Advantages are saving time and peace of mind, UniTwist has to be your only choice. UniTwist and ProClose are leading the way when it comes to using the Worlds Latest & Best Materials that have a Lifespan of in excess of 50 years, these materails don't Corrode and will outlast most conventional materials currently being used. We Made Sure Installation was Easier than any other System and the Price is Allot Cheaper than any slightly similar products. We would say we are giving our Competitors have a run for their money, but in truth we don't really have any competitors, our products stand alone unique in every way. We Stand apart from others, we are a Complete Solution, Safe, Secure Easy To Use. We really have brought plumbing into the 21st Century, try us and see for yourself. It has taken allot of time and effort to Design & Comercialise our Products, asking anyone who uses our products if they are happy has made it totally worht while. We are extremely proud and knowing we have the WOW factor that has elluded the plumbing industry for years. Finally plumbers have got involved and designed something which makes sense. Just use us once and you will see the Benefits for yourself, of this we are 1000% sure. We are always humbled and Grateful to know Plumbers who are using our products are happy and proud to say it, so please feel free to send us a Review on the site and we will post it for you.We like to know that plumbers using our products are proud to be associated with us, knowing it's us plumbers who designed and comercialised these products to make our lives easier and help keep the prices in-line,  unlike allot of other Brands. 

How & Why did Unitwist come About?
The Market Desperately Needed an Easy to Use, Well Priced,, Made completely from Composite Due to Theft Solution that didnt need any Special tool to use. 

UniTwist was Invented and Designed in South Africa, by South African Plumbers. We are very proud of our final products, it took 5 Years in R&D and allot of money spent, but all said and done the clients using the products have complimented us on so many occasions we are very proud of what we have accomplished. We would like to thank all the plumbers involved for their input and assistancee in helping us get to where we are today. It is often said  that Plumbers lack something , well we have proven that is not the case. Well done to all of us.